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Publication date 11/10/2005

The India/Nepal Customs treaty

  • Traffic between India and Nepal is governed by a customs agreement on transit traffic signed on the 5 January 1999 and which will remain valid until the 5 January 2006. It includes a concession in Calcutta for transit shed use and the loading outside the docks. The Nepal concession in Haldia includes open storage. Nepal’s export traffic is limited in size and is being routed via Haldia.
  • Customs formalities are taking place in Calcutta even for cargo handled in Haldia. An Import Entry has to be filled in and an export Entry will be completed when the cargo exits India at the India/Nepal border post.
  • The India/Nepal treaty stipulates the use of container trucks. As their availability is limited WFP has obtained from the India Customs permission to use open trucks covered with tarpaulins and sealed by Indian Customs. The C&F agent is responsible for any loses.
  • Import cargo is usually moving by road. Unit train (2.300Mt) are also organized to the Indian border town of Raxaul where the cargo is transshipped on road trucks and crosses into Nepal at Birgunj border post.
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The Calcutta Port

The Calcutta Port Trust is the statutory body in charge of the Port of Calcutta which manages:

  • the Calcutta Dock System (CDS) and
  • the Haldia Dock Complex (HDC)

All Docks are Impounded Docks System with Locks from the River. Both Calcutta and Haldia are under-utilized and have spare capacity to offer.