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Publication date 07/10/2009

Please find below useful links to access maps for the Philippines response:


A team was deployed in support of the UNDAC mission: maps available on their website:

The Metro Manila Map Viewer

A GIS-based Internet tool, currently being  implemented as a prototype for earthquakes in Metro Manila, Philippines. The Metro Manila Map Viewer allows users to retrieve useful information and maps from datasets including hazards, transportation, public facilities, emergency services, elevation, land use/zoning, and high-resolution imagery.

Satellite Imagery by SERTIT

SERTIT is specialized in crisis remote sensing applications. It is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA). They opened a section on the floods response on Philippines:

Sentinel Asia: Disaster Management Support System in the Asia-pacific Region

Sentinel Asia is a ‘voluntary and best-efforts-basis initiative’ led by the APRSAF (Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum) to share disaster information in the Asia-Pacific region on the Digital Asia (Web-GIS) platform and to make the best use of earth observation satellites data for disaster management in the Asia-Pacific region.


UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Operational Satellite Applications Programme, implemented in co-operation with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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