Source UNJLC
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 01/03/2006
Detailed Road Assessment by UNJLC

1.  Muzaffarabad to Ghori
Distance: 8.4 kilometers
Drive Time: 40 minutes

Assessments:  This road used to be smooth and paved, however due to frequent large-scale landslides most of the road surface has now become a rough dirt track. This road is still prone to frequent landslides, especially during and after rainfall.  Travel speed is slow and traffic can be heavy at times.

2. Ghori to Saidpur

NOTE:   The road to Saidpur was blocked by a small boulder. This could eventually be moved by hand tools or a tow rope

Distance: 8 kilometers to road block, and an estimated additional 4 km to Saidpur
Drive Time: 60 minutes, estimated additional 40 minutes to reach Saidpur

Assessment:  Smooth, paved, one-lane road with occasional rough unpaved segments.   Along the route there is evidence of landslide activity and erosion.  North of Bishash there is a small steel and wood bridge.   It is advised to inspect the bridge surface before crossing, as many wooden slats are missing and have been replaced with small piece of scrap wood that may break or fall to the river below.