Source UNJLC
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 04/03/2006
Detailed Road Assessment by UNJLC

1.  Muzaffarabad to Nila
Distance: 42 kilometers
Drive Time: 90 minutes
Assessment:   The road is paved, smooth, and two lanes the entire way, with the exception of those areas damaged by landslides. Many landslide prone areas can be seen but because of the strategic importance of this route the Pakistan Military clear slides quickly.

2.  Nila to Lamnian
Distance: 14.7 kilometers
Drive Time: 50 minutes
Assessment: A paved, smooth, two-lane road. Many areas damaged by landslides and erosion, thereby making the road potentially unsafe at stretches.

Due to the potential danger on the Nila to Lamnian route, it is advised to travel in convoy with a minimal following distance of 50 meters, and to check in regularly with the Muzaffarabad Radio Room.