Source UNJLC
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 01/03/2006
01- 03-06
Detailed Road Assessment by UNJLC

Distance: 0.63 kilometers
Drive Time: 2 minutes; (from Muzaffarabad airport to Muzaffarabad UN Base Camp: 12 minutes)

Assessment:   The road begins on the western side of the airport at the final ascent prior to reaching the airport.  This road switchbacks down the hillside.  It is not paved and is one lane but is a much faster route to the airport.   
A second route exists by which to travel to and from the Muzaffarabad Airport.  It crosses a steel bridge and meets the Jhelum Valley Road.

This road is an excellent choice for traveling to and from the Muzaffarabad Airport.