Source Logistics Cluster
Countries Mozambique
Document type Other
Publication date 07/03/2007

• On 6th March OCHA released a report on the situation in Mozambique. Main issues as follows:

1. After two weeks from the cyclone Favio, the Government of Mozambique is leading the dual response to severe flooding in the Zambezi River Valley and the impact of tropical cyclone Favio in the south-central district of Inhambane, with the support of United Nations agencies and their non-governmental partners.
2. An air bridge to ferry food from Beira, the country’s second city, to Caia, the focal point of relief efforts for the Zambezi River Valley, has been established, with one helicopter operational and a second due to come on stand-by in the next few days.
3. The World Food Programme (WFP) has provided a Cessna airplane for the air bridge, and has purchased some 1,700 metric tonnes (MT) of maize meal locally, using funds provided by the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).
4. All accommodation centres sheltering the displaced have been provided with one to two weeks’ food supplies.