Source Logistics Cluster
Countries Mozambique
Document type Other
Publication date 27/03/2007

Logistics Highlights

 To ensure the speedy delivery of relief supplies to the cyclone affected areas, the cluster has set up three wikihalls (large mobile storage tents) in Vilanculos. These are for food and non-food items.

• The UN Humanitarian Air Service is coordinating the use of three helicopters; 1 from WFP and 2 from the South African Air Force.

• There is also one smaller assessment helicopter (SA Air Force) and one fixed wing WFP-chartered 10-seater Cessna Caravan. Consequently, the provision of humanitarian assistance has increased significantly as the three helicopters can deliver an average of 60 metric tones of food and non-food items per day.

• On 26th March IRIN reported that in the face of mounting accusations that government negligence was the primary cause for the munitions depot explosions in the Malhazine neighbourhood of Maputo, which killed over 100 people late last week, President Armando Guebuza has announced that the aging facility will be decommissioned.

• On 23rd March OCHA released a situation report covering period 19th -23rd March. Main isssues as follows:

1. In the past 48 hours, weak rains have been registered throughout the country as well as in neighboring countries.

2. The water levels in different river basins are fluctuant but the dominant trend is water levels to decrease.

3. Cahora Bassa dam discharge is stable at 1500 m3/s. In the southern region, water level of Maputo River is expected to rise as a result of South Africa’s Pongolaport dam discharges.

4. Whilst still providing relief support to accommodation centres, humanitarian partners are now shifting their focus to the Resettlement Process.

5. Preparing for the resettlement process remains challenging for humanitarian agencies, as the Government is still finalizing its Resettlement Plan.

6. In cyclone affected areas, the Government in Vilanculos has officially declared an end to immediate humanitarian response phase on 10 March 2007.

7. Working groups have been established in Vilanculos to develop a rehabilitation strategy focusing on four areas: infrastructure (including water and sanitation), agriculture, health and social action.