Source Logistics Cluster
Countries Lebanon
Document type Other
Publication date 29/08/2006

Action Points

  1. All humanitarian actors requiring cargo movement should use the Cargo Movement Request form and send to UNJLC at
  2. All humanitarian actors are invited to share information on their relief cargo pipeline.
  3. Any feedback/follow up on cargo movements can be addressed directly through UNJLC.

Operational Update & Convoy Movement

  • The following convoys will proceed:
    Friday, 25 August
    Beirut to Tyre-Hanine-Beit Leif – Cargo – Land:  2 trucks for Tyre, 2 trucks for Hanine, 1 truck for Beit Leif (UNICEF/PU)
    Beirut to Qabrikha-Mess El Jabal – Cargo – Land: 4 trucks for Qabrikha, 8 trucks for Mess El Jabal (WFP)
    Beirut to El Faouqa (Nabatiye) – Cargo – Land: 9 trucks (WFP)Beirut to Southern Suburbs – Cargo – Land: 1 truck for WFP (food commodities)

    Saturday, 26 August
    Beirut to Tyre-Tebnine-Bent Jbail – Cargo – Land:1 truck for Tyre (WHO), 5 trucks for Tyre (UNICEF), 4 trucks for Tebnine (WFP), 1 truck for Bent Jabail (WFP)
    Beirut to Southern Suburbs – Cargo – Land: 5,000 MT of food commodities (WFP)

Ship Movement

  • The following are the movements of the WFP-contracted vessels in Lebanon:
    Friday, 25 August
    Roro vessel, Anamcara, departed Tyre Port on 25.08.06 at 05.00HRS, heading towards Larnaca, Cyprus. The vessel is expected to return to Beirut on Sunday, 27.08.06.

    WFP Passenger Vessel, Vittoria M, is expected to arrive at Beirut Port on Friday, 25.08.06, at 13.30HRS.  To continue operating on Mondays and Fridays.

    Other Non-UN/Lebanese Government vessels where WFP facilitated the notification process
    M/V Afrodite - currently at Tripoli Oil Installation discharging
    M/V Psara - currently at Zahrani Oil Installation discharging
    M/V Rossetta - arrived at meeting point. ETA at Tripoli power plant TBC
    M/V LPG/Gaz Pacific – departed today

Air Movement

  • The following are the aircrafts will proceed to Lebanon:

    Two German Air Force Transal aircrafts have offered to carry emergency priority cargo from Amman to Beirut.
    The two C-160 UN aircrafts are conducting flights from Larnaca to Beirut from 22-31 August:

    • UN503W: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31 August 2006 - ETA in Beirut is 10.35HRS LT
    • UN502W: 25 to 29 August 2006 - ETA in Beirut is 11.05HRS LT

    Osnabruck-Beirut - ETA in Beirut on 26.08.06 at 12.00HRS LT
    UN agencies and NGOs can still present their requests for cargo movement before 2 September.

Other Issues

  • Convoy system to continue operating: planning/closing of convoys to be made 48hrs in advance.
  • Ongoing negotiations with transport company: contract being finalised for possibility of usuing 75 trucks.
  • It is crucial that trucks deliver food on the same day. Agencies should have a focal person present at the main location to receive the cargo and deliver it to its final destination. Possibility of reaching certain villages/locations will continue on a case-by-case basis.
  • Delays due to customs issues: UNHCR to meet with HRC
  • Main destinations for convoy movements:
    • Saida
    • Tyre
    • Marjayoun
    • Hasbayia
    • Nabatiye
    • Jezzine
    • Houla
    • Rmaich
    • Bent Jabail
    • Baalbek
    • Tebnine