Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Overland Transport, Supply Chain, Border Crossings and Customs
Countries Myanmar
Document type Other
Publication date 08/05/2008


  • LRT arrived in Bangkok on the 7th May waiting for the approval of the visas to move on to Myanmar
  • A logistics Cluster meeting was held in Yangoon on the 7th of May
  • The first Bangkok Logistics Cluster meeting was held on the 8th May. Over 30 participants from more than 20 organizations attended the meeting.


  • The regional WFP logistics officer arrived on Yangoon this morning. Discussions have been ongoing on the following 4 areas:

1.    Staging areas
2.    Potential points of entry
3.    Logistics and humanitarian hubs within Myanmar
4.    Identify the main logistics/transport issues in Myanmar

  • The first logistics cluster meeting was held in Yangoon yesterday 7th May 2008 in and the next meeting is scheduled for Friday 9th May, time and location will be soon communicated.
  • The regional WFP logistics officer will be acting as cluster lead until the LRT get into Myanmar


  • Truck capacity issue was raised during the meting: trucks are leaving Yangon and then they have been used for others activities therefore companies are reluctant to send their truck down.
  • Road from Yangon- Nogole:  OK via north road (To Pathein) Good condition (4 hrs)
  • Bogole is not accessible via the south road (Thantwe), bridge broken in Wackawto


  • Save the children has a pre-existing office in Pathein that they are using with CARE. In addition to relief commodities SCF moved also a convoy for Pathein yesterday to distribute (fresh water and food).
  • IFRC got the ok for the landing of a charter flight (Antonov 25 carrying 300 family kits) from KL to Yangoon
  • See attached UNICEF support plan


  • Customs clearance: be aware that airplanes need to be cleared and normal custom procedures applies