Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination
Countries Uganda
Document type Meeting Minutes
Publication date 18/11/2008

Action Points:

  1. WFP was requested to avail list of all agencies/organizations that are currently registered as users of the Inter-agency Logistics Service (ILS) in DRC.  Full list can be found at the end of the attached minutes.
  2. The group requested latest update on UN accessibility to Dungu.   DRC Office has confirmed that for the time being UN is not authorized to go to Dungu. It seems like UNDSS’s approval of the proposed deployment plan of UN staff can be expected soon. Main issue remains the actual location of the proposed UN compound and the upgrade of the compound to make it MOSS compliant.
  3. UNFPA asked to what extent cold-chain storage is in place in Goma  No cold-chain storage facilities in place. WHO is using small refrigerators for vaccines.
  4. Participants requested information on Monuc presence in Eastern DRC and to what extend Monuc can provide security escorts  This information will be presented at the next meeting.
  5. All participants agreed to share information on any new development by email on a continuous basis in between the weekly meetings.

Next meeting:

Date:   Tuesday 25th November
Time:   15.00 hrs
Location:  WFP kampala Office, Clement Hill Road, Plot 17/19 - sit-room 3rd floor