Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination
Countries Kenya
Document type Meeting Minutes
Publication date 26/02/2008

Highlights/action points/gaps:

  • WHO & UNHCR are expecting an essential amount of NFIs (medical kits and tents) to arrive Eldoret in the coming days.
    KRC was asked to include specific gaps in stock report (see attached)
  • Warehousing: Members expressed the need for continued warehouse support from WFP
  • Transport: Slow despatches of NFIs was reported. KRC will look into it. UNICEF considering bringing in a small truck/pick-up for minor despatches.
  • Gaps: Tarpaulins for 10,000 house holds (entire North Rift valley)
  • Security: Rising tensions expected (and reported after the meeting). Recommendation to consider despatches and mission on Thursday 28.2 due to the announced demonstrations.
  • Consolidated stock report for Eldoret: Please find it attached.