Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination
Countries Central African Republic
Document type Other
Publication date 12/12/2007

In the last few months, the main logistics related needs identified through agencies and NGOS revolve around Information (Customs, tax & duties, local market for goods and services...).

WFP also addressed some operational issues identified by the humanitarian community (transport to hardly accessible areas, etc) and capacity building (training of organisations' local staff in areas such as 4X4 driving, maintenance, basic fleet management and warehouse management).

Following series of bilateral discussions with different NGOs and agencies, the first Logistics Cluster meeting held on 5th of December in Bangui proposed the following structure and activities:

  • The structure is centred on Logistics Information Management to;
  • Centralise updated logistics information for the benefit of the whole humanitarian community
  • Facilitate problems resolution and optimised use of resources/capacities available within the community
  • Trigger, when required, an augmentation of operational capacities based on the Cluster ability to draw from specialised transport and mobile warehousing being built up by WFP (but pending donor funding).
  • A dedicated staff, being recruited, will manage Logistics Information on behalf of the Cluster.
  • The first activity launched is an updated Inter-Agency Logistics Capacity Assessment. The LCA is divided into 3 main sectors (Country profile, Logistics Infrastructure, Logistics related services).
  • The participants to the Cluster will use the existing HDPT web based intranet platform to access and update the LCA. This information will be mirrored on website.
  • At the request of the participants, a web-based forum will also be introduced to share information and address ad-hoc issues.
  • The HC, UNCT including NGOs, are supportive of the concept. Donors were also met.

For more info, please contact: Mahfoud.Bouhembel AT (Global Logistics Cluster support cell)