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Document type Meeting Minutes
Publication date 12/10/2008

Reference the Cyber cafe in Gonaives.

  • WFP are moving to the port, but the Inter-Agency cyber cafe will stay in the MINUSTAH compound.
  • As per normal ETC working practice if agencies want to connect there office to the BitSAT (VSAT) then they must provide the link between their office and the BitSAT (VSAT) location.
  • As discussed at the local (Gonaives) cluster meeting it has been agreed that only one to two users per agency will have access to the BGAN to ensure higher bandwidth (faster user speeds) for the clients. Once the service is upgraded to a VSAT then a review will take place to see if data service can be open to all users.
  • Reference the VSAT it has now cleared customs and is in the process of being installed in Gonaives.
  • For agencies and NGOs which work away from MINUSTAH, it is recommend that agencies invest in either the GPRS cards and or CDMA data cards (available in Port au Prince). The equipment is 50$ + 25$ activation fee. Monthly fee is 50$. Unlimited Bandwidth: 32kbs download and 16kbs up.
  • The Cyber Cafe will be open for the next three months (covering the emergency phase of the operations), for the long term solution its is recommend agencies / NGOs start to plan for their own data connection from mid January 2009 on wards, or take over the new BitSAT (VSAT) solution under a cost share agreement.

VHF repeater network in Gonaives.

2x repeaters have now been installed and are now working covering the Gonaives operational area

  • CH 1. UN security / calling channel
  • CH 6. UN working / NGO working
  • Please contact the WFP FITTEST team to arrange for programming support.
  • All NGOs utilising UN provided channels shall use official UN allocated call-signs and radio procedures.
  • UN radio training courses shall also be available for UN and NGOs.
  • The TCO shall allocate call-signs and Selcalls to NGOs.

Inter Agency radio room in Gonaives.

  • This is currently temporarily installed at the WFP office in gthe MINUSTAH, but will be relocated to the port.
  • A VHF base radio will be installed in the CITS Gonaives radio room to ensure inter working between the MINUSTAH, UN agencies & NGOs can take place.

Local companies which can install cars:

  • The price per vehicle is us$110.00 (Qty 1-3),us$100.00 (Qty 4-9), us$90.00 (Qty 10-20)
  • The customer supply the equipment Radio, Antenna, Dc Line. We also can supply some VHF antenna ¼ of a wave length or 5/8 of a wave length  a 3dB gain antenna. It will take between 1 to 2 hrs per vehicle. The prices that I mentioned are for VHF & UHF, HF will be us$60.00 more.
  • Jean-Felix Cuvilly, COMSPECHAITI, Tel:509-2513-8292, 509-3454-0357

Note: We have not used the supplier so can not guarantee quality of their work.

WFP radio rooms "radio" contact details:


HF:                IPF base,        160601
VHF:                PF base,        61606001
Mobile:                +509 37195204
Landline:        +509 2229 1665


HF:                IGF base,        160607
VHF:                GF base,        60706001
Mobile:                +509 37012352
BGAN:                +870 0772215115

Cap Haiten:

HF:                ICF base,        160602
VHF:                CF base,        60306001
Mobile:                +509 3709 2058
Landline:        +509 2262 5466

For assistance with callsign allocation, VHF and HF (Codan) radio programming please do not hesitate to contact the WFP-FITTEST team
Fast IT, Telecommunication & Emergency Support Team (FITTEST)

Haiti mobile        +50934318544       
Haiti VSAT:        1393 2000 ext 4026
Haiti office:        +509 2229 1665 1678 (Landline) /+390 665 137 393 (Office via Rome)