Source ZESCO
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Countries Zambia
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Publication date 21/02/2008
  1. The data is for the past 5 Hydrological Years (2002/03 to 2007/08 Hydrological years)
  2. Increased outflows from ITT commenced on 18th January 2008. The increase was from 662 to over 1000 cummecs. 
  3. A decrease in inflows at Kafue Hook has however resulted in decreased outflows to about 800 cummecs at the moment
  4. Spillage at Kafue Gorge started on 31st December 2008 and was maintained at a monthly average of 220 cummecs
  5. in January and 400 cummecs this month (February)
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  8. Units for flows are in cubic metres per second (cumecs) and for water levels are metres above sea level