Source Logistics Cluster
Countries Mozambique
Document type Other
Publication date 29/03/2007

UNJLC continued on the efforts to prioritize all non food items (NFI) using the Joint Supply Tracker (JST), developed in collaboration with UNICEF staff.  Purposes of JST are to:

1. Increase pipeline visibility and transparency;
2. Track NFI from CLPs up to Extended Delivery Point (EDP);
3. Prioritize supply movements in accordance with agency needs.

"pending" : CMR or the cargo will soon be moved and
"dispatched" : Cargo was moved.

  • The overall figures for transportation up to 26th March are as follows:

MODE                                          CAIA

AIR                                              575

RIVER                                            67

ROAD                                           938

Unknown                                     1627,591

* in Tons and corected beacuse boat are registered as TRUCK

  • For full details see below attached report.