The IFRC has produced a Green Response Environmental Quick Guide which is intended to be a reference guide to help improve environmental sustainability of the projects and humanitarian operations of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.  This guide has been made publicly available in support of humanitarian partner efforts for a more environmentally sustainable humanitarian response.  It can be used during the planning of projects and provides ideas, solutions, and advice on options available to implementers to reduce the negative environmental impacts of a project and maximise outcomes that could improve environmental sustainability.

Of particular interest to WREC partners, the IFRC has included sections dedicated to Procurement as well as Transport and Logistics which detail issues, solutions, and practical examples that can be used by field-based practitioners in support of a greener humanitarian response.  IFRC also has a number of guidelines produced related to sustainable procurement, green products catalogue, and greenhouse gas emissions guidance which are linked to in the Green Response Environmental Quick Guide. You can access the document in other languages (French, English) at this link