Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Air Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 19/10/2005


Approach procedure at field Landing Zones


After the incident with UN105W 25-10-2005 at NOGRAN Village Position

N-34’49’11 E-073’05’28 the following procedure is implemented in our air ops with the immediate effect.


  1. The captain of the aircraft is to refuse any and all requests to divert from his task order. Such an request can only be approved by UNHAS Flight OPS Office.

  2. When approaching the LZ the captain is to observe the situation on the ground. If the LZ is visually confirmed under control by military security he can land and shut down as normal.

  1. f the LZ is not visually protected by MIL Security or other vice under control he will land but keep engine running while one UN Agency or NGO representative or crew-member exits to verify the all clear and security of the LZ. Only when this is done will the Crew Shut Down the engine and start offloading.

  1. If the all clear is not given or people starts to approach the helicopter the captain will lift of and based on the situation decide if he can wait and try to collect the left behind personnel or not, before returning to base.