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Countries Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Niger, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Uganda
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Publication date 15/09/2007

In this update:

  • Uganda floods - clusters activated by country team, LRT preparing to leave.
  • West Africa floods - satellite imagery for Ghana requested
  • Indonesia, Bengkulu Sumatra earthquake - assessment info
  • Nicaragua Hurricane Felix -  follow up
  • Peru earthquake - follow up
  • Pakistan floods - logistics cluster closure
  • Logistics cluster support cell organigramme

If you have further information or questions regarding these topics please share them with us.


Uganda floods - cluster approach to be activated, LRT en route

Unusually heavy rains in July, August and September have led to extensive flooding in Eastern Uganda.  The districts of Katakwi, Amuria, Bukedea, Bududa, and Lira have been the most severely affected.

Subsequent rapid assessments, conducted as the rains continued and the situation deteriorated, have increased the estimate to over 300,000 affected people.

An UNHAS helicopter is being relocated from Sudan to Uganda on 15 September for an initial period of 2 weeks for assessment and cargo transport.

This afternoon 14/09 the country team convened a meeting and agreed to activate clusters in response to this emergency. We understand that correspondence will soon be exchanged between the Humanitarian Coordinator and the Emergency Relief Coordinator.

The global logs cluster support cell has three staff members (Logistics Response Team) on stand-by to leave tomorrow 15/09;

  • Hugo vanVuuren:+39 348 1042253
  • Julia Bacher: +39 348 2777563
  • Jean Francois Milhaud: +39 340 9084522

We do not yet know if this emergency is of a sufficient scale to deploy a larger LRT but if there are any organisations with logistics staff available to join the assessment please let us know.

We already have an extensive contact list for organisations in country and the LRT will be in contact with your respective offices once they hit the ground. However, if there is anybody in particular that you would like them to contact please let us know.


West Africa floods

Following torrential rains, floods have affected over 500,000 people in 12 countries in West Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, The Gambia, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Sierra Leone and Ghana).

Coordination is managed through Cabinet Sub Committee on Disaster relief, headed by the Minister of the Interior. Government also expressed its expectation to see active role of the UN resident coordinator in coordinating international relief efforts and providing the platform for information sharing. (WFP country office).
Access is the main problem. UNHAS has been requested to be on stand-by to implement an air operation. The only airstrip so far identified in Kamale. It is likely helicopters will be needed for transport of humanitarian supplies. UNHAS has been alerted to identify operators ready to operate, pending results of the quick logistics assessment on-going. It is not excluded that also transport of passengers might be required, at least during the first weeks.

IFRC and WFP are sending assessment teams from Dakar to Ghana on Monday. Another IFRC team is leaving today from Togo (Source: Mame Mbess Mbodji: IFRC Regional Log Dakar). WFP's logistics assessment mission expects to debrief on Monday 17 Sept. Information from the WFP country office will be shared asap. Burkina will likely  be used as the first line of response, given convenient location close to the affected areas.

WFP has requested satellite imagery and analysis and will share as soon as available. OCHA reports that more rains are expected in the region from 18-24 September.


Indonesia, Bengkulu earthquake

After the series of earthquakes that hit Indonesia earlier this week, a UNHAS flight with a UN organized assessment team landed in Bengkulu on 13 September. The mission visited Bengkulu and met with local authorities. "The mission concluded that the impact of the earthquake does not constitute a large-scale emergency in the Indonesian context and that the Government of Indonesia is well-suited to respond with in-country resources." About 1400 IDPs are in need of tents, clothing, and non-food supplies within Bengkulu.

According to the OCHA sitrep No.2, UNICEF has hundred tonnes of emergency supplies on stand-by in Medan, North Sumatra.  WFP has food stocks available in Jakarta and Banda Aceh, and will cooperate further with the State Logistic Agency (BULOG) partner to distribute the food from its local warehouses, if needed.  WHO is working closely with Department of Health to assess the needs. International NGOs, including CARE, CRS, IMC, HOPE, Mercy Corps, Save the Children US, MSF Belgium, World Vision International, have deployed assessment teams to Bengkulu and West Sumatra.
The Indonesian Government has announced that no outside assistance is needed and that the recovery efforts can be managed by national and local means. In regard to the logistics, "The Indonesian military has two Hercules planes, one CN 235 plane and one Fokker 28 plane at Halim Perdana Kusuma airport, Jakarta on stand-by.  Helicopters from Atang Sanjaya airport in Bogor and Pondok Cabe airport in Jakarta are also on stand by."

WFP has logistics staff both in Banda Aceh and Jakarta who are ready to assist. Here are their contact details:


Nicaragua Hurricane Felix - follow up

Assessment mission have been undertaken to effected areas and a Flash appeal is about to be released.  The Nicaraguan Government has made available 2 MI8 Helicopters to facilitate movement of food for WFP. WFP is an inter-agency focal point for SINAPRED, Defensa Civil and AirForce for Felix emergency response.

TNT was able to second one staff member to fill the need of a Logistics Reports Officer. Ms. Emillie Jacquemier was mobilized and arrived in country last week within 72 hours of the request. Please find below the contact details:

The Logistics Cluster website now has information about the operation in response to Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua. The site also contains maps relevant to the effected area. It can be accessed through the following link:

  • The contact info for WFP staff on the ground in Nicaragua:
    Email =,
    Phone = +505-434-7300 or +505-266-8044
  • Our Focal point in our Regional Bureau in Panama:
    Riaz Lodhi, Email =,
    Phone = +507-6677-0610


Peru earthquake - follow up

The logistics information focal point Lucien Jaggi, who facilitated information exchange and operations among the organisations responding to the earthquake, left Peru last Friday and returned to Panama to assist with the Hurricane Felix recovery operations.

Prior to departure he reported that the UN fleet of trucks were officially turned over to local authorities (PRONAA). PRONAA has also taken over the responsibility for organizing stevedoring, coordinate loading of trucks, and contact transporters directly. Lucien's presence in Pisco helped to elevate congestion of relief supplies both at the port of Pisco and the airport.
Permanent Peru logistics contact:


Pakistan Floods - logistics cluster closure

The Logistics Cluster will be closed and will stop its coordination role and related activities on 15 September 2007. The Head of the Pakistan cluster returned to Rome. In case of gaps in the logistics infrastructure in Pakistan, WFP will remain available to support if required.

  • Transport: Some 190 truckloads of various shelter materials, hygiene kits, cooking sets, seeds and other items have been transported during the cluster operations. No reported gaps in the transport availability remain.
  • Warehousing: Inter-agency storage space is still available in Jacobabad. The facilities are provided free of charge by the GOP and will be closed by end September as no further warehousing requests have been received.
  • WFP plans to open a warehouse in Kharan for their emergency operation as well as for storage of fertilizers from FAO.
  • Information management: Distribution and stocks reporting activities carried out by UNJLC staff were handed over to OCHA and the Information Management Working Group chaired by IASCI . UNJLC mapping activities have already been handed over to UN HABITAT at the end of August.

Contact for OCHA: Ros Young, email:
IASCI: Wolfgang Gressmann, email:


Logistics cluster support cell organigramme

Most participants are aware that the logs cluster cell is set up with tasks divided by region. Staff members have many different non regional specific tasks which are detailed on the attached organigramme. We are finalising some formalities ahead of the arrival of the CARE secondee.

Please note that the head of the logs cluster support cell reports to Matthew Hollingworth, head of WFP's Augmented Logistics Intervention Team for Emergencies (ALITE) who in turn reports to Amer Daoudi, WFP's Associate Director of Transport and Procurement.

Meetings and Events

  • Global Logistics Cluster/UNJLC/UNHAS meeting, 17-18 September 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Second Logistics Response Team training planned 4-11 November 2007 in Brindisi, Italy