Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Sea and Rivers Transport
Countries Cyprus
Document type Other
Publication date 14/08/2006

Chartered vessel m/v Arnamcara: Capability and Capacities

Multipurpose vessel with ro/ro (roll on/roll off) capability via aft ramp. Lo/lo (lift on/lift off) capability with ship’s own 2 electric/hydraulic cranes capable of lifting 25t and in tandem using heavy lifting traverse SWL 47t. Vessel can accept a multitude of rolling stock such as trucks, trailers, cars and practically any other type of vehicle. This includes road tankers. Due to the necessity for speedy rotation in Beirut, unitized cargo is to be preferred (i.e. containers, trailers, euro pallets, jumbo bags or similar.) Bagged rice can be stowed under deck should the need arise, in which case these should be pre-slung. Vessel can handle only 20’ containers with ship’s own gear, therefore 20’ containers should be preferred. This also provides for easier handling when unloading. Vessel can carry 20 refrigerated containers provided that this has been taken into account in the stow planning (location of reefer plugs). See specifications below. Petroleum products (diesel, gasoline and kerosene) can be accepted in drums for stowage on deck. Drums must be made for the purpose and labelled in accordance with IMDG code.

Principal dimensions:

Service speed: 10,5 knots (distance Limassol/Beirut is 113 nautical miles) Cargo capacity: 6,182 cubic metres in 1 box hold w. stowable tweendecks 68,88 x 15,00 5,90 – 1 hatch cover 68,3m x  15,0m. Cargohold electrically ventilated 25 fold Cranes: SWL 25t or 47t in tandem (the 2 cranes are both placed on port side) reaching 24m

Trailers: 314 lanemetres, 50 x 20’ trailers or 25 x 40’ road trailers

Containers:  Full load 315 TEU (20’x 8’x 8’6) stowed as 128 in hold (64 + 64) and 187 on deck in 3 tiers (64+64+59).

Reefer plugs: 3-phase, 440V, 60Hz, 32 Amp. 3 pin CEE 17/2 DIN 49462/463 IEC 309

Sternramp:  192 mt on 8 axles = clear width 7,65 m clear height 4,75