Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Lebanon
Document type Snapshots
Publication date 23/08/2006

There is a four lane bridge at N 34,32'59.57", E35,59'31.54",  approximately 4km North of  El Aabde.  This bridge has sustained two blasts, causing extensive structural damage. The bridge will not accept vehicles greater than GVM 5MT on the northbound lanes or the inside southbound lane. On the underside of the bridge the structural steel has delaminated from the concrete.  These lanes could fail under convoy loads.

Another two-lane bridge located at N34,34'50.75" E35,59'30.18" has sustained two blasts which have caused major damage. Currently traffic across the bridge is sharing a single lane, with loose sand and mud filling the crater.  Soil movement can be observed underneath multi-axle trucks.  Underneath the bridge, sand being used to fill in the hole is being eroded by the water.