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Countries Mozambique
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Publication date 22/02/2007

On 22nd Februaury Reuters Foundation is reporting the follwing issues on the Cyclone Favio hitting Mozambique:

  • theĀ  tropical cyclone with winds of up to 230 km per hour (144 mph) surged ashore in southern Mozambique on 22 February , uprooting trees, knocking over electric pylons and raising fears of new floods.
  • the cyclone Favio,is heading towards the Zambezi River valley where it is likely to worsen floods which have already killed some 40 people and driven 120,000 from their homes.
  • now rated a category four storm, Cyclone Favio hit the tourist town of Vilanculos early on 22 February , destroying a number of houses built of flimsy material, officials said.
  • the National Meteorology Institute, INAM, said Favio's strong winds and rains were concentrated in the province of Inhambane but were felt as far away as Xai-Xai, the capital of nearby Gaza province.
  • the cyclone has caused widespread damage at the holiday resort of Tofo Beach, uprooting palm trees and destroying electric pylons around the area which has become a favourite of backpackers and scuba divers, Radio Mozambique said
  • the storm was moving northwards at an average speed of 50 km per hour (31 mph), taking aim at the central Zambezi River valley which is already struggling with a serious flood disaster.
  • Mozambique's cyclone early warning system said a storm of Favio's magnitude could bring widespread destruction of homes, buildings and industrial structures including power grids, as well as crops and trees.
  • Officials said the problems could multiply in the coming days as Favio dumps its rains in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, further swelling tributaries which feed the already-flooded Zambezi.