Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Border Crossings and Customs
Countries Dominican Republic, Haiti
Document type Other
Publication date 07/05/2010


Both for sea and air freight, it is essential to provide the required documentation for the customs clearance process. This brief provides detailed information of necessary documentation for customs clearance of humanitarian cargo in transit to Haiti, both at Dominican entry points, and in Haiti.


  • The cargo must be clearly marked as in transit humanitarian aid destined for Haiti, with no commercial value.
  • Required cargo documentation:
    • Packing List
    • Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
    • Freight Certificate
    • Declaration of Value or invoice
    • Gift certificate (if applicable)
    • Certificate of origin (if applicable – is required for food commodities)
    • Phyto-sanitary certificate(if applicable – is required for food commodities)
  • Copies of the required documentation can be used to advance the customs clearance process, but original copies must be provided upon arrival of the cargo to expedite the clearance and avoid storage fees.
  • Cargo arriving at Las Americas airport can be stored five days without storage fees. Different rules apply to cargo arriving at the port. The use of a customs clearance agent is mandatory, both at airports and ports.

The following may be able to assist organisations with their customs clearance in the Dominican Republic:

Agent Contact Person Phone Email
1- Damco Tony Fco. de Leon 8296445739
2- Schad Robert A. Valdez 8098530058
3- Kuehne-Nagel Mayte Mira 8299300955
4- Peres y Cia Plinio Hidalgo 8093304903
5- B&R (DIF) Pablo Torres 8294109093


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  • Customs clearance paperwork processing and tax exemption (if relevant) must be obtained in Port-au-Prince prior to sending cargo to the border.
  • A demande de franchise (if relevant) must be obtained and processed at the Ministry of Finance (UN Agencies must go via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Required cargo documentation:
    • A detailed packing list per truck
    • Truck way bill from the organisation’s or the transport company - or a corresponding document
    • For cargo in transit through the Dominican Republic: Bill of Lading (sea freight)/Airway Bill(air freight)
    • Freight Certificate
    • Invoice or Declaration of Value
    • Gift certificate(if applicable)
    • Certificate of origin(if applicable – is required for food commodities)
    • Phyto-sanitary certificate(if applicable – is required for food commodities).
    • Import permits issued by the relevant Haitian ministry (i.e. Ministry of Health certificate for medicines, Ministry of Agriculture certificate for seeds)
  • Please note that the waybill and the packing list(s) must correspond. It is not, for example, sufficient to list the number of pallets – the exact number and description of all individual items on each pallet must be provided.
  • More information about customs procedures for importing goods to Haiti is available at