Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Supply Chain
Countries Myanmar
Document type Form
Publication date 20/06/2007

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  Please complete this form as much as possible and attach a full packing list as a supplement.  The form and packing list may be sent electronically to UNJLC.   If there is insufficient space in the Load Description area, please use additional forms - please do NOT add lines.

See instructions to fill the CMR in attach

Conditions of service:

All cargo movement requests made with this CMR are subject to the following terms and conditions:    

  • (i) UNJLC/Logistics Cluster act as an agent for the service users,
  • (ii) UNJLC/Logistics Clusterassumes no responsibility for the transportation and storage and/or for any loss of or damage to the Goods carried
  •  (iii) service users are responsible for making adequate arrangements for the insurance of their Goods.

This Cargo Movement Form is not a document of transport. It is issued for administrative convenience and is not intended to replace, substitute or supersede the transport document that may be issued in connection with any movement under the CMR.