Source UNJLC
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Sudan
Document type Other
Publication date 07/07/2005


  • In consideration of the two month closure of Al-Jayli refinery for annual maintenance and the usual delivery constraints experienced during the rainy season, a nation-wide fuel shortage is probable, it is therefore, recommended that agencies are to plan a contingency fuel stock (see Logistic Assessments).
  • In order to clear a backlog of vehicles resulting from the suspension of the NFI flights, UNJLC has facilitated a convoy of light vehicles to the Drafurs. This is scheduled to depart on or around 6 July, with a total of 24 NGO vehicles, from 12 organisations, registered. United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) shall conduct a ‘Driver Training and Convoy Management’ workshop, on 3 July, for all participating agencies’ drivers.
  • The onset of the rainy season is beginning to reduce road accessibility in West Darfur. The routes Mornei - Garsilla - Mukjar and Mornei - Zallingei were blocked on 27 June by excessive water levels at Wadi Azum.
  • Owing to the suspension of NFI flights (see Air Operations) and in response to demands from users, commencing 7 July CARE shall provide a monthly small load service to the Darfurs.