Source UNJLC
Theme Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 28/06/2006

Days since October 8th Earthquake: 263

Summary and Highlights  

  • UNJLC ceases operations on 30 June. A presence will be maintained in Islamabad until 31 July.
  • Most primary roads are open at time of writing, though recent heavy rains have caused an increased risk of landslides.
  • The alleged ban on distribution in Bagh is not in force for Agencies/NGOs that are not financed by the government.
  • UNJLC has a substantial amount of furniture available for donation to Agencies/NGOs registered with OCHA.


1.    UNJLC Ceases Operations
2.    Road Access and Reporting
4.    Ban on Distribution
5.    Muzaffarabad IDP Update
6.    UNJLC Furniture Donations
7.    UNJLC Contacts
8.    Thank You

1. UNJLC Ceases Operations

UNJLC ceases operations on 30 June. The field offices in Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Mansehra close on this date. A presence will be maintained in Islamabad until 31 July.

In line with the phase-out of UNJLC's operations, this is the final bulletin issued by UNJLC Pakistan.

In the second half of July, UNJLC will distribute the following products to those authorities and Agencies/NGOs who plan to continue humanitarian operations in the affected area.

  • A pocket-sized overview map of the earthquake affected area.
  • A Road Atlas of the earthquake affected area which consists of a series of detailed (1:100,000 scale) road maps.
  • A Logistics Capacity Assessment.

UNJLC can no longer accept new requests for maps. However, residual stocks of hard copy maps are available until 15 July. Agencies/NGOs are welcome to visit the UNJLC office to collect maps. UNJLC has asked WFP (VAM) to consider taking on some of the GIS roles that UNJLC has fulfilled. The request is under consideration and UNJLC will advise the outcome when details are known.

The UNJLC website for the operation in Pakistan will remain available, but will no longer be updated past 30 June. Particular sections of the website, such as Map Centre and Info Sheets will receive one final update in July.

2. Road Access and Reporting

Most primary roads were open at time of writing. However, during the past week, heavy rains have caused an increased risk of landslides resulting in UNDSS deeming some roads RED NO GO for short periods of time. Roads in Neelum Valley are especially vulnerable to landslides.

UNJLC will no longer provide road updates past 30 June. UNDSS has agreed to take on this responsibility and will send out regular road updates as of 1 July. UNJLC will transfer its mailing lists for road updates to UNDSS.


A protocol to formalise the agreement between the UN and the Pakistan Military for the provision of CASEVAC/MEDEVAC (Casualty Evacuation/Medical Evacuation) for employees of UN Agencies and NGOs on a cost-recovery basis has not been finalised yet. In the interim, please contact the Field Security Coordination Officer (FSCO), Mr. Royston Wright, in case of an emergency. Contact numbers are: 051-2800095 or 0345-8543292.

4. Ban on Distribution

OCHA has advised that the alleged ban on distribution activities in the district of Bagh is intended solely to prevent distribution by Agencies/NGOs financed through the government or by local NGOs with political affiliations. A letter is available signed by the Officer in Charge of SERRA confirming that a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is not needed for distribution activities of Agencies/NGOs not financed by the government. The letter has been distributed by OCHA to Agencies/NGOs in the area of Bagh.

5. Muzaffarabad IDP Update

Relocation of the population of the villages in Muzaffarabad and Hattian Tehsil at risk of landslides and flooding during the coming Monsoon season is ongoing. IOM and UNHCR are assisting the Camp Management Organisation (CMO) in the process. Relocations have been delayed by heavy rains and may take up to 4 July to be completed.

6. UNJLC Furniture Donations

UNJLC has a substantial amount of furniture that it is willing to donate to Agencies/NGOs registered with OCHA. Heads of Agencies/NGOs can express their interest in writing to the UNJLC Administration Officer no later than 7 July. E-mails can be sent to; letters can be sent to UNJLC, house 10A, street 2, F-8/3, Islamabad. UNJLC will subsequently advise on availability and dates for collection.

7. UNJLC Contacts

With UNJLC closing down operations, there are some changes in contact information. UNJLC generic e-mail addresses (, and and personal e-mail addresses will remain active without change until 31 July. will remain active past 31 July.

Mobile phone numbers change effective 12 July. New numbers are:

  • Head UNJLC: 0302 5584896
  • Operations Coordinator: 0302 5584936
  • Administration Officer: 0302 5584883
  • Reports and Information Officer: 0302 5584832

8. Thank You

UNJLC would like to thank all Agencies/NGOs/authorities with whom it has cooperated over the past nine months. As an interagency service dedicated to providing coordination and optimisation of logistics capabilities, UNJLC is largely dependent on its communications and data exchange with the humanitarian community for making its operation into a success. UNJLC looks forward to working with you again in future operations.