Source UNJLC
Theme Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 07/06/2006

Days since October 8th Earthquake: 242

Summary and Highlights

  • UNJLC has published a Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot intended to support authorities and Agencies/NGOs preparing for the coming Monsoon season.
  • As the UNHAS helicopters are leaving the theatre of operations, a new procedure for CASEVAC and MEDEVAC is under discussion.
  • In Bagh district, a ban has been imposed with immediate effect on all distribution activities. 

1.    Security Muzaffarabad
2.    Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot
4.    Distribution Ban Bagh
5.    Muzaffarabad IDP Update

1. Security Muzaffarabad

The AJK Government security measures, which require notification of four government agencies for travel of internationals outside of the city centre of Muzaffarabad, remain in place. The system has improved slightly as Agencies/NGOs need only inform the police instead of having to inform all four government agencies separately.

UNDSS expects more stringent security measures to be implemented leading up to the elections in mid-July which may restrict Agencies' and NGO's operations.

2. Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot

The UNJLC Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot has been published. Both the map indicating roads that are likely to be subject to closure during the Monsoon season and the logistics planning considerations are available at -> Snapshot -  Monsoon Logistics Planning 2006


The procedure for CASEVACs and MEDEVACs for employees of UN Agencies and NGOs previously relied on the support of UNHAS helicopters. As these helicopters are now leaving the theatre of operations, the procedure for CASEVAC/MEDEVAC needs to be adjusted. The Resident Coordinator, Mr. Jan van de Moortele, has

raised this issue with ERRA who are now in discussion with the UN and the Pakistan Military to come to a mutual agreement for helicopter support in case of CASEVAC/MEDEVAC.

CASEVAC (Casualty Evacuation) refers to the movement of a person who is in immediate need of medical treatment to save life, limb or eyesight. MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) refers to the movement of a person under medical care who is not in danger of losing life, limb or eyesight, but does need further medical treatment that is not available at the present location.

4. Distribution Ban Bagh

The District Commissioner's (DC) office in Bagh has announced that with immediate effect a ban is imposed on all distribution activities in the district of Bagh on request of the Election Commission. The objective of the ban is to minimise the risk of conflicts arising from distribution during activities related to the elections. No Objection Certificates (NOCs) can be obtained from the DC's office on a case-by-case basis.

5. Muzaffarabad IDP Update

A formal request for support from the UN for the possible relocation of the population of 18 villages at risk of landslides and floods in the Monsoon season has not been received yet. The Chief Secretary of the AJK Government is expected to send a detailed request late next week.

Discussions are ongoing on the exact number of people that need to be moved, the locations to which these people can be moved, and the amount of support required from Agencies and NGOs in the process.