Source UNJLC
Theme Air Transport, Overland Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 31/05/2006

Days since October 8th Earthquake: 235

Summary and Highlights  

  • UNJLC is preparing a Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot intended to help authorities and Agencies/NGOs prepare for the coming Monsoon season.
  • UNJLC participated in a UN Inter-Agency assessment mission to the area of Azad Bara. A report is being compiled.
  • WFP is setting up a new logistics hub in Baldher which may free up storage space in other hubs. 

1.    UNJLC Mission Update
2.    Security
3.    Azad Bara Area Update
4.    WFP Logistics Hub

1. UNJLC Mission Update
In order to assist authorities and agencies prepare for the coming Monsoon season, UNJLC is producing a Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot. This Snapshot will contain a map indicating roads that have historically been subject to closure due to rains and subsequent landslides. It will also contain logistics planning considerations for operations during the Monsoon season. The Monsoon Logistics Planning Snapshot will be published early June.

UNJLC is in the process of compiling a Road Atlas of the earthquake affected area which consists of a series of detailed (1:100,000 scale) road maps. The Atlas will be distributed in the second half of July to those authorities and Agencies/NGOs who plan to continue humanitarian operations in the affected area. Furthermore, UNJLC is preparing a Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA) which will be distributed in the same period. An important part of field operations is currently concentrating on obtaining and verifying data for these two products.

Applications for the QuakeZone MapKit training taking place on 13 and 14 June in both Mansehra and Islamabad are still welcome. The deadline is 8 June. For details and application forms, visit -> QuakeZone MapKit training

In line with the phase-out of UNJLC's operations, the last consolidated sitrep will be published Friday, 2 June. The bulletin will continue to be published until UNJLC ceases operations on 30 June.

2. Security Muzaffarabad
UNDSS has advised that the security measures reported last week which were put in place by the AJK Government remain unchanged. These measures entail that all travel for internationals outside of the city centre requires the approval of four government agencies. They have been implemented in anticipation of potential unrest leading up to the elections which will be held 11 July. No security clearance is required for movement within the city centre.

3. Azad Bara Area Update
UNJLC participated in a UN Inter-Agency assessment of the area of Azad Bara, a small valley on the Line of Control. The mission determined the need for humanitarian assistance. A report is currently being compiled by the Bagh offices of UNICEF and OCHA, the lead agencies for this assessment. The population of the area of Azad Bara is estimated at 1,500 people (approximately 1,000 people remained in the area after the earthquake or have since returned).

The primary access route to the valley is a mule track from Sheru Dara. This means that cargo can only be delivered in small amounts over an extended period of time. Also, storage capacity is limited due to the scarcity of flat land. These factors combined make direct distribution a viable option.

4. WFP Logistics Hub

WFP is currently constructing a new central hub in Baldher to support its Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO). Baldher is situated approximately 100 km east of the Karakoram Highway along the railway line Hassanabdal - Havelian between Haripur town and Havelian town.
WFP will support all its activities for both NWFP and AJK from this site. A total number of 14 temporary warehouses will be set up which are to be completed by mid June. This may free up storage space in the various other hubs. Agencies in need of additional storage space should contact WFP.

Both UNHAS and the UNJLC Cargo Movement Coordination Cell (CMCC) ceased operations today (31 May). The CMCC has been operational since 28 October 2005 and has processed requests for the following amounts of cargo over this period:

Total 33,412 MT
Air  24,971 MT
Road 8,441 MT