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Theme Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Pakistan
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Publication date 03/05/2006

Days since October 8th Earthquake:207

Summary and Highlights

  • The ERRA-UN Early Recovery Plan was officially approved on April 29th, meaning that the next phase of the operation will soon be underway.
  • Road access has largely improved across the affected area due to the good weather and ongoing repair work, and a tremor on the morning of May 3rd in the Mansehra region does not seem to have had a serious effect on road conditions.
  • UNHAS has officially announced that as of May 31st it is planning to cease helicopter operations in Pakistan due to lack of funding.


1.    Operations Update
2.    Road Access - Muzaffarabad
3.    Mapping
4.    Aviation Update: Helicopter Status

1. Operations Update

As of April 29th, ERRA has officially agreed to the ERRA-UN Early Recovery Plan, which will be launched both in Geneva and across the affected area in the coming weeks. This final endorsement now means that agencies and NGOs can now present their project proposals to donors for the next phase of the operation. A rise in activity levels is expected to follow, along with an increase in the demand for cargo transport and other logistics services.

2. Road Access

Road access has generally improved over the last few weeks in line with the continued good weather. In the Batagram area all key routes remain open, and secondary roads around Muzaffarabad are improving continually through community action. In the Bagh area, most of the roads are also open and repairs are underway before the monsoon season. However roads in the Kaghan valley are still subject to frequent landslides, particularly between Paras and Jared. After a tremor on the morning of May 3rd missions around Mansehra were halted while conditions were assessed, but the Pakistan Military has now confirmed that no major landslides or rockfall have been noted in the area and travel can resume as planned.  Click for UNJLC road assessments -->, conditions updates and maps -->  

3. Mapping

As of this week, all relevant UNJLC maps now include Union Council boundaries provided by HIC. UNJLC has also added all newly GPSed roads to its standard range of maps, leading to greater map accuracy. These are available for download on the UNJLC website at, or in hard copy from the UNJLC Islamabad office and field coordinators.

4. Aviation Update: Helicopter Status

Helicopter capacity has decreased again with the May 3rd redeployment of the four DFID Mi-8s tasked by UNHAS, which brings the UNHAS fleet down to only 4 Mi-8s. The Merlin Mi-8 and ICRC Super Puma have also now ceased operations. ICRC will continue to operate one Mi-8 flying out of Muzaffarabad until May 10th, at which point its air operation will end.
As of May 1st, UNHAS has officially announced that due to lack of funding it is planning to cease all helicopter operations in Pakistan on May 31st. Passenger and cargo flights will continue until that date, however at a reduced capacity. Users are requested to note that pax and cargo flights are now restricted to mornings only due to high turbulence caused by the afternoon heat. Passenger booking procedures have also changed.  These can now be done in person only through the UNHAS booking office at its new Islamabad address, House 6, Street 2, F8/3. Emails and bookings through UNHAS field officers will no longer be accepted. NGOs without a representative in Islamabad will be obliged to establish an Islamabad-based focal point. Meanwhile, NGOs and agencies newly in country for the reconstruction phase of the operation will be required to register with the Country Team in order to be eligible for UNHAS flights, and all organisations using this service are requested to provide UNHAS with up-to-date staff lists for purposes of verification.

Feedback is encouraged from all users on their projected destinations over the next phase of the operation and the suitability of the new passenger schedule. This information can be forwarded to Passenger flights remain free for the month of May, however users are requested to note that a system of full cost recovery is now in place for all special flights. The new UNHAS passenger schedule and booking procedures can be found at

As of 3rd May Number of aircraft
Aircraft Type 3rd May Comments
UNHAS Tasked Assets:    
Mi-8 MT 2 The UNHAS fleet is currently 4xMi-8 helicopters, one of which will be reserved for passenger flights.
Mi-8 MTV 2
Sub-total 4
Mi-8 MT 1 Operated by ICRC
AS-332 Super Puma -
AB-139 2 Operated by Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan)
AS-350 Squirrel 2 Operated by AirServ for MSF Holland
Mi-8T - Operated by Merlin
Sub-total 5
Total 9