Source UNJLC
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 07/04/2006



  • Thua Drud (upper) x 25 families
  • Thua Mori (lower) x 6 families
  • 4 hour walk uphill, 2 hour walk downhill (for locals)

Distance: 7.7 km (to start of Walking Track)

Time: 30 minutes

Traffic: 4WD only

Road Conditions:

  • Dirt road; area prone to landslides
  • Landslide residue not cleared, just driven over - so road is very narrow in places, with large mud humps and sharp bends to be negotiated
  • Sheer drops 

GPS Type Mileage


012 Road Junction   2.8 km  West off KKH
013 False Waypoint     To be deleted
016  Landslide      
014 Road Proximity - Walking Track  7.7 km River crossing, start of walking track, 4 hours to Towa
015 Landslide  8.9 km  End of access