Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 05/12/2005

5 /12/05

Starting Point: Bagh Base Camp

Hour: 09.00
Elevation: 1174 meters above sea level
Coordinates: UTM:43 S - 0388305
Lat: 33° 58.545'
Long: 73° 47.452'

Bagh to Arja (Padhar)
The asphalt road from Bagh to Arja (Padhar) is in good condition.  It is level and dry and therefore deemed suitable for any type and/or size of vehicle.

Point of Interest on Rout: WFP Warehouse

Hour: 09.30
Elevation: 962 meters above sea level
Coordinates: UTM:   43 S  -     0383591
Lat: 33° 57.778'
Long: 73° 44.399'

Bridge crossing

The Bagh road crosses the Mahl River. The bridge here is built of iron and cement; there appears to be no sign of damage.

Hour: 09.37
Elevation: 894 meters above sea level
Coordinates: UTM: 43 S -     0380949
Lat: 33° 56.780'
Long: 73° 42.800'

Padar - Rawala Kot

The road from Padhar to Rawala Kot alternates between asphalt and concrete and is considered suitable for any vehicle. However at several points the road becomes narrow and some corners are very tight.  There are also some landslides and riverbed crossings along the way.  Visibility is often  limited to non-existent. 

River crossing   
From Padhar to Rawala Kot the road passes directly through the river. The water here is at a relatively low level and is easy to cross.  However, when this assessment was
made, there had been no rainfall registered during the previous two weeks.

Hour: 10.10
Elevation: 1050 meters above sea level
Coordinates: Lat: 33° 53.692'
Long: 73° 44.462'

Arrival point: Rawala Kot
The Gas Station PSO marks the roads point of entry into Rawala Kot.  The village experienced a lower level of destruction;
only 37% of houses were destroyed. However, 90% of the health infrastructure was decimated. 

Hour: 10.30
Elevation: 1631 meters above sea level
Coordinates: UTM: 43 S -     0384901
Lat: 33° 52.174'
Long: 73°  45.331'

Helipad: There are four helipads located in the neighborhood of Rawala Kot. According to Pak Mil all of them are efficient and in use.

Transit:  Limited circulation. Most vehicles met do not meet basic standards for maintenance and tires.

Evaluation:    The road is currently accessible. However with snow along the road, the circulation will become very difficult.