Source Logistics Cluster
Countries Cyprus
Document type Other
Publication date 31/08/2006

Representation included: Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, US Navy, US Air Force, OCHA, WFP, UNHAS, UNJLC, UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR, IMC and World Vision   

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cyprus

  • The Cyprus Minister of Foreign Affairs shipped one container and 35 pallets of goods on today's sailing of the Anamcara. This is probably its last consignment.
  • The Greek Orthodox monastery is preparing a shipment for the last sailing of the Anamcara next week. It also has money for a donation of health supplies, to be decided upon in conjunction with WHO.

Situation in Lebanon - UNFICYP

  • UNFICYP could not be present at this week's coordination meeting.



  • OCHA has downsized its operation in Cyprus to two staff members, and may reduce further over the weekend. A presence will still be maintained for any requests or issues the humanitarian community may wish to address.
  • The Revised Flash Appeal combined with this week's donor conference in Stockholm may result in some operational changes.
  • The UN Secretary General's tour of the Middle East is reaching an end, and he is expected to make a statement which may affect the course of the operation.

Logistics Cluster

  • The vessel Anamcara left Limassol today fully loaded with cargo for Beirut. She will then return via Mersin, to make her last call in Cyprus on or around September 9th. All users are requested to forward their Cargo Movement Requests to UNJLC as soon as possible for transport on this final sailing. The Anamcara is due to be released on September 11th, 2006. A formal statement to this effect will be forwarded to all users.
  • The passenger vessel Vittoria will make her last sailing to Beirut on Monday, September 4th.
  • The Logistics Cluster will prepare a letter of thanks to the German Air Force for all its assistance in this operation.


  • The Logistics Cluster in Cyprus will be downsizing, however a core staff will be maintained to run operations and meet all needs for information and coordination. The Cyprus operation can still be fully reactivated should the need arise. UNJLC will be downsizing by two staff members over the week, but will remain on standby and maintain a satellite presence in Larnaca for as long as required.
  • Once the blockade is lifted, commercial routes and services are expected to resume.  Should organizations require assistance or commercial options, the Logistics Cluster team will remain available to help.
  • Total Cargo Movement Requests from Cyprus to Beirut have reached 1,500 MT: 1,350 MT on the Anamcara, 18.5 MT on the Greek government vessel and 74 MT on UNHAS-tasked German C160 flights. For CMR forms and procedures please see
  • The Lebanese High Relief Commission has provided a rough list of priorities. UNJLC will make this available once a final copy is released.


Reported Previous Week:

  1. Runways at Beirut International:
    Rwy 16/34 - status quo, repairs in progress
    Rwy  17/35 - repairs almost completed expected release date 5th September 2006
    RWY 03/21 - status quo, repairs in progress
  2. Slot Procedures status quo, completed but currently not activated
  3. Waiver for Lebanon has been received and applied, Cyprus outstanding
  4. Pax authorization on a case by case basis (emergency)

Current Report:

  1. The Israeli air blockade is still in place: 4 interrogations of humanitarian flights have been received on international distress frequency this last week.
  2. WFP UNHAS is managing/tasking two TRANSALL C160 medium lift aircraft from the German air force.  Freight can be booked (7 tones/flight volume permitting) through UNJLC. Emergency passenger seats (2) can be negotiated on a case by case basis by the CATO with the German Liaison Officer in Larnaca. To date 98 tonnes/14 flights of humanitarian cargo and 22 German VIP/ personnel transported.  Present pipeline indicates operations until 8th September 2006, however flexibility for late freight.
  3. Tomorrow's C160 flight has not obtained clearance and has therefore been cancelled
  4. UNHAS will be downsizing by two staff members


  • WHO will be moving to Nicosia to concentrate on its work with the Cyprus Ministry of Health.
  • WHO was still awaiting a priority list of needs from the Ministry of Health. This was provided by the MOFA representative.


  • UNHCR has received two Rubbhalls for Amman, which will be shipped on Saturday's C160 flight. All further cargo is expected to go directly to Beirut.


  • IMC is expecting two small shipments and will file a CMR as soon as more information is forthcoming.
  • It expects soon to ship all cargo directly to Beirut, though delays in registration in Lebanon have prevented this to date.
  • World Vision is expecting more cargo, which it will try to bring in before the September 8th deadline.
  • The US Navy is trying to get a picture of what cargo might be arriving should there be a call for assistance.

Next Meeting

The next meeting was tentatively set for Thursday, September 7th on a needs basis, to be confirmed on Monday.