From intern to working on one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises
Meet Peter Liddiard, Logistics Cluster IM Officer in Central African Republic.
09 May 2019
Peter Liddiard has always been drawn to people. It’s what led him to start working as a one-on-one care worker in the UK during his early 20s. We’re a long way from Bangui, but even through connection issues and a crackling Skype call the genuineness of his character shines through.Throughout his...
Tokelau's resilience journey
Preparedness activities in the Pacific
07 May 2019
480 kilometres to the north of Samoa the tiny nation of Tokelau is scattered across three coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. With no airstrip, the only means of accessing the country is via a boat trip to Samoa, a journey that takes a minimum 24 hours during good weather.“Short- and long-term...