Central African Republic: In the field
10 Minutes with Régis Parguez, PUI Warehouse Manager in Bangui
10 June 2019
In Central African Republic (CAR), humanitarians are faced with a multitude of complex and unique logistics constraints. Working together is critical to ensure an effective and efficient response.In the country’s capital Bangui the Logistics Cluster, which has been active in the country since 2013...
From intern to working on one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises
Meet Peter Liddiard, Logistics Cluster IM Officer in Central African Republic.
09 May 2019
Peter Liddiard has always been drawn to people. It’s what led him to start working as a one-on-one care worker in the UK during his early 20s. We’re a long way from Bangui, but even through connection issues and a crackling Skype call the genuineness of his character shines through.Throughout his...