Ali Yackub at Mogadishu Airport - July 2020
"We are all responding together and that is what makes the difference"
Meet Ali Yackub, Logistics Officer for the Logistics Cluster in Somalia
18 August 2020
Needless to say, Somalia is a very complex operation. In March these complexities increased significantly: unprecedented heavy rains caused devasting flooding, the country experienced the worst Desert Locust upsurge in 25 years and cases of COVID-19 began to soar. All this led to the situation...
It’s all about Teamwork
Supporting Somalia’s COVID-19 Response
03 July 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a vast number of countries in many different ways. One of the most significant impacts has been restrictions on the transport of goods and people which, in countries such as Somalia, have made it increasingly challenging to get much-needed medical support to...
Rising To A New Challenge
Julie Vanderwiel-Hakme on her latest cluster assignment
07 June 2020