Civil Protection’s agents are clearing the roads, streets and public spaces after tropical storm Laura on 23 August – Haiti, 24/08/2020 by local Civil Protection (DGPC)
Tackling COVID-19 and the hurricane season in Haiti
Interview with Gerald Joseph, Administrative Coordinator of Haitian Civil Protection (Direction Générale de la Protection Civile)
05 October 2020
As the world is facing an unprecedented ongoing health crisis, Haiti has been dealing with two challenges: COVID-19 and the hurricane season. During August, three major depressions - tropical storms Gonzalo, Isaias and Laura - threatened Haitian coastlines. Tropical Storm Laura reached Haiti on 23...
Facilitation of airlift in Venezuela, July 2020
“We must be prepared to support the region and act fast”
Response, Readiness and Preparedness in Latin America and the Caribbean
05 October 2020
With more than 5.5 million cases recorded, the Latin America and the Caribbean region is one of the most affected in the world by the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown measures. To answer to increasing humanitarian needs despite movement restrictions, humanitarian actors must adjust,...
Haïti : faire face à la saison cyclonique et répondre au COVID-19
Entretien avec Gerald Joseph, coordonnateur des affaires administratives de la Direction Générale de la Protection Civile
03 September 2020
Les brigadiers de la Protection Civile débloquent des tronçons de routes, rues et espaces publics suite au passage de la tempête Laura le 23 août 2020. Photo prise dans le département du Sud, Haïti le 24/08/2020 - Protection Civile Locale (DGPC)