In the Field: Mozambique
A look back on teamwork & partnership
05 August 2019
 On the evening of 14 March Cyclone Idai tore through the coast of Mozambique, making landfall in Beira before leaving a trail of destruction across central Mozambique. Six weeks later, a second storm hit. Cyclone Kenneth passed over northern Mozambique, making it the first time in history...
Logistics Cluster Cyclone Idai Response Video
09 July 2019
Watch how the Logistics Cluster and partners responded together after the Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique in March 2019! 
Campaigning for Health
Responding together to fight disease
11 June 2019
Logistics Cluster, WHO and WFP staff members discuss the operation in Mutare, Zimbabwe
Fuelling the humanitarian response
Tales of partnership from the Cyclone Idai response
26 April 2019
Responding to Idai
The Logistics Cluster in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
09 April 2019
WFP aircraft carry life-saving items on behalf of partners - Credits/WFP
Teaming up for Cyclone Idai
LET on the ground in Mozambique
09 April 2019
Damaged roads pose challenges for the delivery of life-saving items
No one really knew the extent of the damage
5 minutes with one of the Logistics Cluster’s first-wave responders in Mozambique
09 April 2019
Damage caused by cyclone idai - march 2019 Mozambique
Cyclone Idai: On the ground
Logistics Cluster assessment team deployed to Mozambique
16 March 2019