Cyclone and Landslide Simulation Exercise in Bangladesh
Monsoon rains, powerful earthquakes and damaging cyclones
Why logistics preparedness is critical for Bangladesh
13 August 2018
Each year urban and rural populations across Bangladesh risk being impacted by threats posed by disasters, with the frequency and intensity of natural disasters only predicted to increase further in coming years.Right now it’s monsoon season. From June to October each year heavy rains inundate...
5 things you didn't know about...the Preparedness Project
Did you know? Studies show supply chain costs make up 60-80% of humanitarian response.
08 August 2018
Disaster preparedness reduces time, money and complexity in humanitarian response and lessens the need for international mobilisation. That's why the Logistics Cluster is focused on strengthening national systems and supporting long-term, locally-driven preparedness initiatives! Find out more...

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