Tokelau's resilience journey
Preparedness activities in the Pacific
07 May 2019
480 kilometres to the north of Samoa the tiny nation of Tokelau is scattered across three coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. With no airstrip, the only means of accessing the country is via a boat trip to Samoa, a journey that takes a minimum 24 hours during good weather.“Short- and long-term...
From teacher, to logistician
Meet Vani, the first intern in one of the latest logistics preparedness initiatives in the Pacific
04 February 2019
In February 2016, the southern hemisphere’s strongest ever tropical cyclone on record, Cyclone Winston, tore through the Pacific Island nation of Fiji. Home to 869,458 people across 110 islands, the category 5 cyclone impacted villages and remote communities across the country. Logistics...
“If we plan ahead we’re able to adapt”
Voices from the Pacific region on logistics preparedness
29 January 2019
‘A community of responders’
Strengthening logistics preparedness in Polynesia
23 November 2018
‘Local responders are at the heart of the platform’
A look into the Pacific region’s latest humanitarian logistics tool
28 September 2018
5 things you didn't know about...the Preparedness Project
Did you know? Studies show supply chain costs make up 60-80% of humanitarian response.
08 August 2018
‘You have to live and breathe it. You have to believe in it’
Logistician Jenna Lusaka is bringing her skills to some of the Pacific’s most remote communities
27 June 2018
Jenna Lusaka is the National Logistics Cluster Development Officer at WFP's Pacific Office based in Suva, Fiji