Muhsin in Maiduguri, coordinating the arrival of a plane carrying Shelter material for IOM Nigeria. June 2020. Photo: Logistics Sector
Home game for the new Coordinator
Muhsin Mufti on leading the Logistics Sector in Nigeria
18 August 2020
Less than a year after joining the Logistics Sector, Muhsin was running the operation in Nigeria. In this country where he grew up, he worked for an NGO for five years where he occupied many different roles before joining the team. This experience made him very versatile and adaptable in a complex...
Maiduguri: setting up for success
Meet the Logistics Sector’s storage team in northeast Nigeria
21 February 2019
In the dry, dusty climate that characterises West Africa’s Harmattan season, Richie Bhattarai stands on an elevated concrete platform watching her team conduct an MSU set-up training for humanitarian organisations responding to the ongoing crisis in north-east Nigeria.As a roving logistics officer...