Logistics Response Team Training: Erbil edition
51 humanitarian actors gather in Iraq for the large-scale training event
29 November 2018
In Erbil, northern Iraq, it’s a Friday morning, 8:00. The sun only started rising just over an hour ago, but for a handful of emergency responders, it feels like they’ve been awake for days. Among dozens of maps, Mobile Storage Units, radios, situation reports, tents, and a reasonable amount of...
Two men survey a Logistics Cluster mobile storage unit in Iraq
The Iraq Response: 10 minutes with Danish Refugee Council
As families start to return home, humanitarians are there to ensure all their basic needs are met
03 August 2018
The Logistics Cluster has been active in Iraq since 2014 providing Information Management, coordination and facilitating access to common logistics services.We spoke recently with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), one of our partners in Iraq, about overcoming logistical challenges, working together...