09 November 2016

Source: ECHO 


In the morning of 9 November, Monique Pariat gave the opening speech at the Logistics Cluster Global Meeting, held at the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC). Taking place twice a year for 3 days, this meeting provides an opportunity for international partners coming from over 40 organisations to discuss Logistics Cluster operations, performance and strategy.


The importance of logistics has been increasingly recognised by the international community, notably through the Grand Bargain discussions in the context... READ MORE

07 November 2016


Erecting MSUs in Jad'ah


As the situation in Mosul develops and the humanitarian situation worsens, the Logistics Cluster strengthens support to actors on the ground assisting people in need.  

Humanitarian planning efforts have been escalating in preparation of the expected large-scale displacement from the city of Mosul, taking into consideration all probable scenarios and the subsequent humanitarian impacts. The Logistics Cluster continues to coordinate with humanitarian organizations to underline potential gaps and logistics constraints that would limit response capacities in different operational areas. With over 700,000 people expected to flee from... READ MORE