28 November 2014

The Supply Chain in Cash and Voucher Programmes Following discussions over the last 12 months with UN agencies, INGOs, institutional donors and other stakeholders, the Global Logistics Cluster partners have identified a number of regulatory and compliance based ‘pain points’ which can act as blockers to implementing (and scaling up) cash, voucher and markets based programmes. Whilst by no means a comprehensive list, this paper summarises some key challenges which Logistics and Supply Chain practitioners have identified.


04 November 2014

Boxes filled with essential relief and supplies for the Ebola response are piled up in a Liberia basketball stadium, ready to be dispatched all over the country. They sit in front of the stands, where crowds of basketball fans would usually cheer on their team. The sounds of truck engines and pallets being moved now fill the air. This is the heart of the WFP’s main logistics hub in Monrovia.

Soren Gronvald from Denmark is working as a logistician for WFP. Of the many operations he's worked in, this one has proven to be the most challenging. Donations and supplies are coming in strong, and the days at the logistics hub are long. As the manager of the Monrovia hub, Soren’s daily work is daunting: throughout the day, he coordinates the receipt and dispatch... READ MORE