16 November 2012

Mogadishu 2012 - Nutrition Items (Supplementary Plumpy) stored in the MSU.

The Somalia Logistics Cluster was activated in 2011 in response to the severe drought in east Africa. As part of the Logistics Cluster’s response, in order to assist the humanitarian community in Somalia, a contingency stock of five Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) was procured from the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) Unit in Dubai in 2011. It was intended that these MSUs would be used as needed to provide additional storage capacity, quickly available for use by partners and capable of being deployed to any location where they may be required.

In October 2012, in response to a request from Save the Children, the Somalia Logistics Cluster leased one MSU... READ MORE

08 November 2012



Jonglei State (03 November 2012) - The weather changes daily here in Jonglei State, but remains eerily predictable. The helicopter crew mentioned to us at the airstrip in Bor that they must take off early because mid-day is usually when thunderstorms and other dangerous changes in the weather occur. Looking into the sky it was clear and cool with few clouds, but experience rules in this environment.

The Logistics Cluster team on the ground in Bor carefully monitors the cargo being loaded onto the helicopter, and discusses the day’s plans with partners. The hustle and bustle is real during these clear morning hours, with organizations delivering cargo to the airstrip; some early, and some late. The Logistics Cluster’s Senior Logistics Assistant, and focal point for the Jonglei operations, consults with the flight crew and porters regarding calculations for fuel required and the... READ MORE