16 October 2012

Since the start of the rainy season South Sudan has experienced destructive flooding across the entire country, cutting off many communities, particularly in Jonglei and Upper Nile States. The flooding has washed out a majority of the roads, impacting the people returning to the South who find their path blocked by the flood waters and need urgent assistance to support them in camps. Those same roads are also rendered unusable for vehicles attempting to deliver much needed relief items. In response the Logistics Cluster, in partnership with UNHAS, has deployed helicopters to operate out of Bor, in Jonglei State; these helicopters have been critical for humanitarian operations, and a large volume of requests from our partners in the humanitarian community have been accommodated to ensure that assistance reaches those affected.

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11 October 2012


The Humanitarian Logistics Workshop, held in Mongolia from the 24th to the 27th September 2012, was an intensive four-day training and exercise. It was designed to enhance emergency response management knowledge and build capacity among senior logistics managers from a wide range of national and international organisations and agencies.

The workshop modules were developed and implemented by the WFP Logistics Development Unit (LDU) and the Global Logistics Cluster Support Cell (GLCSC) in Rome.

A facilitation team of four people from WFP/LDU, the GLCSC, and UNICEF was required to present the various training modules and conduct the exercises.

The team was also tasked with taking charge of the... READ MORE