27 October 2010

The Global Logistics Cluster is holding a global bi-annual meeting in Nairobi, Kenya from November 8th to 9th.

World Vision LogoThe meeting will be hosted by World Vision International. The Logistics Cluster holds the global meeting twice a year to ensure the continued coordination and understanding between key Logistics Cluster participants. The WASH and Shelter Clusters will participate in order to discuss inter-cluster coordination issues.

In response to requests from participant organisations, the Logistics Cluster is holding its bi-annual meeting in Africa for the first time. It was felt that this could be an opportunity to bring the meeting closer to field operations, enabling more attendance from key Logistics Cluster operations in Africa.

The topics addressed will be varied in order to promote... READ MORE

19 October 2010

“We launched the LOG within our organisation in March 2010. To date the Air Operations topic is the most popular and frequently visited. The offline/online capability of the LOG is a great added value to the tool. It makes it extremely easy to access; it’s friendly and the information is easy to find." (Laszlo Viranyi, Director of Procurement, Administration and Logistics Management, Mercy Corps)

Laszlo Viranyi"In early 2011 the LOG will be specifically disseminated to the Operations Managers of various countries during our Annual Operations Manager Workshop.”


The LOG is a tool which consolidates logistics guidelines, best practices, tools and templates from various organisations for use by the humanitarian community. It has been jointly developed by a variety of experts from humanitarian... READ MORE

18 October 2010

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the Logistics Cluster, led by the World Food Programme (WFP), has launched an interactive web-based tool, "Global Mapping of Emergency Stockpiles".

The tool displays information on emergency relief warehouses managed by international humanitarian organizations. The aim of this tool is to assist affected countries and humanitarian relief agencies identify and send emergency relief items in response to crises.

The Global Mapping of Emergency Stockpiles was established thanks to funding provided by ECHO and the Governments of Luxembourg and Moldova. It is the only existing central platform that emphasizes “who has what where” by region, sector, organization and/or organization type.

The development of the Global Mapping of Emergency Stockpiles is a major part of the humanitarian community’s efforts to... READ MORE

18 October 2010

Its 5am and as usual I’m awake before the alarm. Today I’m a little nervous, anxious even, in particular about my assignment; team leader of ‘Brin 2’, a fictional logistics response team (LRT), deployed to a fabricated earthquake in an invented country, all conceived and conjured out of the mind of Bernard Chomilier – head of the Logistics Development Unit at WFP and the Wizard of Logs.

It’s an unenviable task leading a team of unknown qualities into the fray of a yet to be identified situation. Yet as I dress in the same clothes I wore yesterday – I’m still unsure whether my lost luggage is part of an elaborate plot - I begin to wonder if I’m at all the most suitable person for this task. I come with a bit of a reputation, loud Australian, self-opinionated, loves to hear the sound of his own voice, doesn’t listen… and this is only what my children tell me. So with all this on my shoulders, I’m now being entrusted with holding aloft WFPs reputation as the Lead... READ MORE