30 September 2011

In order to provide assistance to humanitarian organisations and ensure support for activities in these critical areas throughout the year, the Logistics Cluster has initiated an inter-agency river transport service along the White Nile, travelling northbound from Juba into Jonglei and Upper Nile States.

Logistical challenges in South Sudan are not difficult to find. With a limited road network in place, road access is problematic for much of the country, and is hampered further by the fact that more than half of all roads are inaccessible at some point each year due to annual rains, conflict, and poor road conditions. The north-east of the country in particular suffers from isolation each wet season as the rains return the area to swamplands, cutting off all road access in the process.

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13 September 2011

Two months into the 2011 monsoon season, widespread and heavy rains have caused renewed and devastating flooding in southern Pakistan. The breach of river banks in several locations, including at Mirwah Canal on 21 August, has resulted in vast areas being submerged beneath the rising floodwaters.

According to some estimates more than five million people had been affected, among them communities still recovering from last year’s unprecedented floods. The disaster has reportedly taken the lives of an estimated 200 people, destroyed or damaged nearly one million homes, and flooded 17,000 km2 of land. Thousands of families have reportedly been displaced and are in search of assistance. The Government reports 22 out of 23 districts in Sindh are affected by the floodwater as well as some parts of Baluchistan Province. The situation is still unfolding and more rain fall is expected.

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