29 August 2012

Widespread flooding due to heavy rains and poor infrastructure is impacting thousands of lives in South Sudan. In Jonglei state, flooding has caused the destruction of numerous homes and businesses, forcing people to leave their communities and seek refuge elsewhere. While in Yida, the rains continue to exacerbate an already dire humanitarian crisis within the refugee camp.

Beneficiaries in Yida watch as the Logistics Cluster helicopter is offloaded.

In addition to the displacement of thousands in the community, the flooding has caused a rapid deterioration of the health situation in the affected areas, mainly in Jonglei State. As such... READ MORE

28 August 2012

Since January 2011, Yemen has experienced widespread protests leading to a political stalemate and a deteriorating security situation nationwide. Government oil refineries have been damaged, leaving Yemeni authorities unable to compensate for the loss in production with fuel imports. The fuel crisis shows little sign of abating; most Petrol stations have run out of fuel. Massive queues, stretching for several days, have developed around those with remaining stocks and growing violence at commercial Petrol stations prevents the humanitarian community from using them. Due to these volatile conditions the government price of Diesel has doubled since May 2011 to 100YER and the price of Petrol has risen by two thirds from 75YER to 125YER.