31 July 2013

The 26th of July 2013 marked the completion of 15 Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) at the WFP compound in Safita, Syria. The Logistics Cluster has secured six MSUs in this compound (a space of approximately 2000 m2) for inter-agency usage. Safita storage facility is strategically located between the Port of Tartous and the city of Homs. It makes up a vast area of 11,500m2, 4740m2 of which had been allocated for the 15 MSUs. The Logistics Cluster will formally notify partners as soon as storage space is available, and also has the capacity to provide additional space should partners’ request this in the future.

The construction was supervised and coordinated by the Syria Logistics Cluster Coordinator, with a team consisting of 30 staff, including six volunteers from Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC). The SARC volunteers had just completed a Logistics Cluster training on MSU construction, conducted by WFP... READ MORE

12 July 2013


05 July 2013


With civilian casualties on the rise due to the on-going conflict in Damascus, the humanitarian community is doing all that they can to support those in need. The Logistics Cluster, in support of these efforts, is assisting NGO’s and UN Agencies by facilitating logistics coordination and information management, and by providing logistics services.

The Syria Logistics Cluster received five ambulances from WHO for temporary storage in Safita (approximately 15 km from Tartous); on 06 June these were transported via Logistics Cluster coordinated services to their final destination in Damascus. The ambulances, which were loaded on a full body closed truck for secure transport, reached Damascus on 07 June. So far in 2013, a total of 10 ambulances have been stored by the Logistics Cluster (5 in Lattakia, 5 in Safita) for onward transport to Damascus as needed... READ MORE