18 July 2012

A Logistics Cluster Officer, seconded from CARE Canada, was deployed on mission to Mali following the activation of the Logistics Cluster in response to the food and refugee crisis in the Sahel region. Mali is particularly vulnerable; as of 19 June, the total number of Internally Displaced Persons in Mali was estimated at 154,754, including 47,754 registered in the South and an estimated 107,000 in the North. The number of Malian refugees registered in Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger is now 180,060. According to a statement given by the Algerian government in March 2012, at least 30,000 more are in Algeria.

Due to the latest political developments in Mali, the country is now spilt into two parts – the North and the South. The Logistics Cluster Officer assessed the town of Mopti, in the North of the country. Mopti is strategically located as it is becoming a key... READ MORE

11 July 2012


On 15 June 2012, WFP and the Global Logistics Cluster Support Cell (GLCSC) officially launched a digital database of Logistics Capacity Assessments (LCAs) since 2009, in support of the humanitarian community. The LCA is an inter-agency emergency preparedness tool which provides a fundamental understanding of a country’s - or a region's - infrastructure and capacities. LCAs are operational in nature and concentrate on critical elements of the logistics supply chain, contributing to the overall emergency response strategy. The new digital format (D-LCA) provides a standardised and user-friendly tool which can be publicly accessed through the Logistics Cluster website, where an offline version of the entire LCA database is also available for downloaded to a USB-drive. The D-LCAs replace previously published LCAs on the Logistics Cluster webpage and on internal WFP webpages. LCAs... READ MORE