29 June 2015

What brings over 50 logisticians from more than 30 organisations together for two days in the outskirts of Lyon, France? The Logistics Cluster bi-annual Global Meeting, of course. Read the Global Meeting Note for the Record (NfR) here. 

The Logistics Cluster Global Meeting is attended by international NGOs, UN Agencies, donor agencies and partners to discuss Logistics Cluster operations and collect feedback on Logistics Cluster... READ MORE

29 June 2015

Leading logistics companies and the United Nations World Food Programme will meet in Copenhagen on July 1st and 2nd, to discuss new support strategies aimed at strengthening the global humanitarian response to emergencies.

Hosted at the Maersk Group headquarters, the two-day gathering comes at a time when the world faces an unprecedented number of emergencies, and cooperation between the private sector and the humanitarian community is recognized as being instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance to crisis-affected countries.   

According to Wolfgang Herbinger... READ MORE

19 June 2015

After the earthquake struck, Richie, Babi, Sujita, Barkha, Arti and Arunima knew they had to do something and help their fellow Nepalese rebuild their lives. Joining the humanitarian community seemed the most obvious place to start. But how? With a little luck, plenty of determination and the intuition and mentoring of a seasoned logistician, it wasn't long before the six women became the heroines of the WFP-led Logistics Cluster’s emergency operations at the Humanitarian Staging Area in Kathmandu. This is their remarkable story.

From Left to Right: Sujita, Arti, Babi, Barkha and Richie

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